Est. 1968


West High was the second high school to be built in Parkway, opening in the fall of 1968 with grades 10-12.  In 1969 and 1970, the high school also housed grades 7 through 9 while West Junior was being designed and built.  One of the unusual features of the school was that for 13 years under the leadership of Al Burr, they operated without any written rules or regulations—only mutual agreements and expectations.

During the school’s recent North Central Accreditation study, the West High faculty re-examined the school’s mission statement.  As a result, the faculty has pledged to foster critical thinking, altruism and responsibility in all its work with students.

            Once a month, teachers participate in Faculty Forums, voluntary teacher-led discussions on topics related to teaching and learning.  Periodically, students and faculty engage in student-led discussions about school issues known as “Common Ground.” 


School Mascot: Longhorns

Missouri Gold Star School: 1983

U. S. Blue Ribbon School: 1983



Architect:  Smith and Entzeroth

Contractor:  Gamble Construction

Original Cost:  $4,232,876

Site:  52 Acres



·         Al Burr: 1968 - 1981

·         Dan Deschamp: 1981 - 1984

·         Bill Byrd: 1984 - 1988

·         Dave McMillan: 1988 - 1995

·         Beth Plunket: 1995 -  to present



·         Original:  1019 students (grades 10–12)

·         In 1969 expanded to 1502 (grades 7–12)

·         In 1970 grew to 2071 (grades 9–12)

·         Peak:  2287 students ((1987)

·         Current: 1549 students



·         Marching band won 1st place at Fiesta Bowl Band Competition in 1985 in Phoenix, AZ.

·         Community Outreach at West (COW) joins long-standing groups in helping the community in meaningful ways.

·         Only Missouri public high school that ranks consistently in the Midwest Region’s top 50 in the number of AP tests written

·         Television personality Stone Phillips graduated in 1973.

·         In top ten Missouri schools every year on every test of the state MAP tests.

·         In 1997, the school designed and implemented an innovative hybrid schedule.

·         West has won more state championships than any other Missouri public high school.

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