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Central High principals, past and present, Earl "Whitey" Schubert, Al Burr, Robert Elsea, Bill Myer

Coaches John Schell, Erv Leimer, Jack Wells, Gordon Olson, Whitey Schubert, Don Sparks, Mike Gohn

Counselor Gloria Bickmeyer is happy to see Gordon Olson, retired counselor and coach.

Mike Gohn; Erv Leimer, coach; Don Sparks, retired Athletic Director.

Retired Administrative Secretary, Hope Stemme, with Wayne Fick.

Geraldine (Gritts) Ayers, former Director of Community Relations, and Wayne Fick, former Superintendent.

Principal Schubert (center) hired winning coaches Erv Leimer (left) and Jack Wells (right).

Erv Leimer and Whitey Schubert reminisce.
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